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An identity that symbolises security, for a company using artificial intelligence to protect democracy. 

Core identity

Helsing is a new kind of security company. Founded in 2021, they are determined to counter contemporary threats to democracy by using artificial intelligence to interpret live data at critical moments, improving the decision-making of defence, intelligence and national security systems. Helsing hold offices in London, Paris, Munich and Berlin but plan to serve several countries — focusing only those which meet high democratic standards. They’re driven by the conviction that technology has to be used according to ethical principles of transparency and accountability. 



The ‘deep tech’ market in which Helsing operate is often characterised by the clichés of overtly masculine imagery. We saw an opportunity to redefine the field and aimed for a visual language that instead emphasised refinement and finesse. It was especially important for the identity to cut through on a human level, to distance it from received notions of AI as purely robotic or removed from social agency. In the context of the high-end technical complexity of Helsing’s work, they also needed an identity that counterbalanced this by being simple, but not simplistic. 

The logo-mark takes the basic shape of an ‘H’ and adapts it into a symbol of protection, tapping into the idea behind Helsing in an elegant and approachable way. This is paired with a clean, modern typographic structure and a nuanced colour scheme centred around a warm shade of grey. Photography focused on people and nature is used at selected moments to give the identity specific emotive associations. 

Assertive but sophisticated, assured yet subtle, Helsing’s new identity is appropriately forward-thinking for a company that wants to shape our future. 

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