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Identity for the newest space of a renowned Buenos Aires cultural institution.


Environmental graphics

Identity details

PROA21 is the newest exhibition venue from the Fundación Proa, a Buenos Aires-based arts and culture centre that has been exhibiting modern and contemporary art for more than three decades. Intended as a new space for experimentation, research and creativity, PROA21 offers a progressive programme of events and activities, including installations, music and film series, DJ sets, workshops and digital projects. Having already designed Proa’s overall visual identity, we continued to work with them on creating a new system for PROA21 that both emphasised its ties to the local area and matched the experimentalism and edge of the venue itself. 

Like many buildings in the La Boca district, which sits on the outskirts of the city centre near the port, the gallery is constructed from corrugated iron – a remnant of the neighbourhood’s industrial and maritime history. We created a bespoke typeface with a strong, constructed form as well as versatility in its range of applications. This forms an identity which cites La Boca’s distinctive architectural atmosphere while giving the space an uncompromising visual character. 


Bespoke typography

La Boca, Buenos Aires